May. 9th, 2009

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It's been an active seven days, both with regard to writing and RL. Writing, well, I've just passed the 4k-mark on the LMHG exchange fic, and I'm feeling loads better about it after a few days of deleting more than I'd written, tearing my hair out over The Voice, panicking about The Plot, and various other bits and pieces. I feel I'm on track now, and hopefully, I can finish this without any more panic attacks.

In RL, Good Friend is having marriage trouble, which I don't find surprising, but it's nevertheless sad to see two people who supposedly loved each other at some stage to prefer to go separate ways instead of deciding to work hard in order to make the relationship work. Anyways, there's been consoling, comforting and all that, which I'm so totally not good at, but I chipped in with feeding him and supplying him with coffee and all that, and I think he felt better for it. Sometimes, just being spoiled a little with soul food and that kind of thing will work wonders, and I sincerely hope it did in his case. For the moping, hubby and daughter took care of that side of comforting.

Three of us had some bug that lasted a day or two, but Sara hasn't been so lucky. She's one sick puppy, has a temperature on and off, and spends too much time hugging the loo. She hasn't puked in a few hours, so I sincerely hope she's getting over it, poor kid.

In the AeroGarden department, the jalapeno plant is finally doing well. I took one tomato plant out (it never produced any flowers at all), cut the other one back after it had given a fair amount of tomatoes, and the jalapeno was seriously late-coming. So late that I'd run out of feeding tablets by the time it showed the first pepper. Thanks to [ profile] ordinary_magic's expert advice, I'm hopeful to keep it going until it stops producing. Still waiting for the hp-testing strips, but Home Depot promised they'd have them in before the w/end, so I will check tomorrow and hopefully buy some. Right now I'm in two minds over what to plant next: herbs or salad greens. Won't do tomatoes this round, as our balcony only gets the morning sun, so there is hope that tomatoes won't fry the way they did last year in late June with the morning and mid-day sun. But I have about a month to decide what to plant next, which is plenty.

Monday I'm off to visit friends, and honestly, I can't wait. 450 miles each way, all by my lonesome, which means I can listen to Sibelius to my heart's content, it's going to be pure bliss, followed by more bliss of admiring gardens, making cheese, good food, writing, and lots of chilling. I realised just recently that it's been some eight years that I went somewhere completely on my own. So it's really high time!


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