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For those of you who experienced all the crap LJ threw our way throughout last year (StrikeOut, anyone?), I just want to encourage you to join a new community called [ profile] ljunited , a community dedicated to working towards defending and restoring the original promises made to LiveJournal's members, standing up for the free speech of LiveJournal's members, restoring LJ's original strong support for Open Source software, and restoring community participation in the successful operations of LiveJournal.

Although [ profile] ljunited is a brand new community, it has grown rapidly and is building a strong, inclusive, diverse coalition, united in standing up for us.

LJUnited overwhelmingly endorsed [ profile] rm recently as their candidate for the upcoming LJ Advisory Board elections. I hope you'll consider supporting her nomination. Thanks!

Really, I just want to return to a paid LJ, but I'll be damned if I pay them a penny while they're being anal about political correctness. One moment it's "ZOMG, the religious idiots aren't paying for advertisements," the next it's "No artistic merit" for some fanart, and I'm kind of expecting to be banned for my stance against accepting vaccination as being the best thing since sliced bread. /eyeroll
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Now that the abomination that is livejournal these days has returned, I can actually post. And in the meantime, I've forgotten all about what I was going to post. *snerk*

I have until December before renewing the paid account, and I'm seriously wanting out of here. The only thing that keeps me right here is fandom, but I can see it diminishing further and further, seeing how the holier-than-though sixapart are hypocritical in purging communities. They say one thing, then do something else entirely. I find that rather off-pissing.

I know there is greatestjournal and insanejournal, but I just don't find them so enticing. And myspace? Oh, forget about it. Not interested in pr0n, and that seems to be all you get over there.

Any chance the fandom can get together, unite like the Houses of Hogwarts never did, and buy out LJ?


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