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Yay! From the email:

"Zodico House is known for its talent in - and love of - music."

Now, that's funny. Me? Love of music? LOL.

In other news, got my chapter back from NSS, and she liked it *yay*. So I'll do the corrections and submit it sometime tonight or in the morning.

Had a luvverly day, even though I woke up with a sore throat and flu-like aching skin. After feeding myself plenty of Vitamin C, I'm feeling well enough, though, to spend a bit of time on the net. [ profile] blue_paris and I went to TGIF for lunch, while Dorkboy and Little Man went to the tennis court in the park. Then we walked up to Oxford Circus, popped into Godiva's and the Apple Store, where I still didn't find the connector piece for the mic so I could record on the iPod. Oh well. One day, I'll find it. I couldn't have talked much today anyways because my throat is hurting.

We also popped into Waterstones on Oxford Street, and Sara found a book on design of Caf├ęs and Bars, and I found one on song-writing.

I've not done any writing today, but have spent quite some time pondering the progression of my audio project, and I feel I'm getting somewhere. I like the music I've done for it so far, even if I say so myself. I really need the rhythm pack for GarageBand, so I can do some jazzy House Anthems for PR.
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London. Hm. Dunno how to describe it. People seem to be getting more agressive every time I visit. But there is Mysteries, The Gap, and Neil's Yard Remedies, and there simply isn't any equivalent of either of those in Germland.

Then, there is my new toy. A sparkling white macbook. *preens* It is beautiful. It has GarageBand the latest version. And the entire iLife. So I'm happy. Very happy.

So, yeah. I'm one happy person.

As started by [personal profile] hogwartshoney, and followed up by [profile] charmed310, here's my list of people I would absolutely llllllove to meet at Phoenix Rising:

[personal profile] bambu345 - Not only the very best writer in the fandom, but a wonderful person as well - compassionate, willing to share joy to multiply it and willing to share pain to minimise it. What more can I say.

[personal profile] notsosaintly - She is the one who keeps me writing. Now, of course, I don't know if that's a good thing or not from someone else's point of view. But from my point of view, I will forever be grateful to her for encouraging me the way she did, has done, and still does.

[profile] snapesforte - She is the authority on Severus Snape, she writes brilliant stories, and she's simply awesome. I wish I had the guts to let me inner Death Eater hang out the way she does.

[profile] shiv5468 - She writes good stories and she's more opinionated than me. I so want to get some advice from her about how to become more opinionated.

[profile] larilee - Need I say more? Awesome author, awesome admin on Ash, awesome opinionated person. I know you're going to Canada *wrinkles_nose*, why can't you come to NO, too????

As for those I haven't mentioned, well, dears, you're the ones whom I will meet. :-)


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