Apr. 10th, 2008 01:10 am
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In case it doesn't show up, clicky.

I wrote just over 2k words. Am still highly impressed with self for maintaining an above 1k average for 13 days now *nods*.

I have another week and a half of freedom to write as and when I need to. It's been bliss those past few weeks. That time is coming to an end, though, as DB is going to start travel again week after next. It has pros and cons, of course. I'll miss him being around all the time. I won't miss having to cook for four people with three different tastes, let alone cooking meat. I won't miss having twice as much washing-up/cleaning either. So, I guess that although I'll have to rearrange my times of writing, it won't necessarily be less time for writing.

I detest routine, which translates for me into ritual. Yes, I'm very aware that I frequently fall for it, so I guess it's a good thing that stuff is changing again. That way, I won't get stuck in routine. I fall into its trap because I was conditioned to it throughout childhood and early-ish adulthood. And it's one heck of a task to uncondition routine. After all, it's around us, wherever we look. But it is so liberating to free yourself from it, it's worth every effort.
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I was browsing iTunes and then amazon for Bach's Christmas Oratorio to determine which version I want. I still don't know. I've narrowed it down some, but what makes it really difficult is that Americans are siriusly good; and they are the version you just don't find in Europe, so it's all news to me. The Boston Bach Ensemble, heck I didn't even know it existed *snerk*. Their Jauchzet, Frohlocket is amazing! I used to own the Dresden Philharmonie one and foolishly never put it on this computer, so I really need to buy one this year. Baking cookies is that much more fun with proper music, yanno? How I'm' going to manage to ignore the fact that it's still 90F out there is beyond my imagination right now, but alas, maybe it will cool down eventually. Or rain. Rain would be really good. Rain would bring mushrooms and my Christmas dinner would be sorted.

Yeah, anyway, I still like the Dresden Phil version, but I'm really, really impressed with the Boston one. Can't buy it today because I honestly don't know which one I'll enjoy more. Ah well, tomorrow is another day. I think.

Talking of music CDs, I am seriously miffed at Borders. I finally found the 9th Symphony conducted by Simon Rattle with the Vienna Philharmonic, which [ profile] mundungus42 pointed me to. Both iTunes and amazon only have the complete symphonies for $45, which I can't really justify. So, I asked to listen to it, and they said no! So, I asked if that means that if I buy it and don't like it, can I return it. No, of course not. So I asked if they meant to tell me that I buy it, and if I don't like it, I'll have wasted $17 plus tax. Yes, that's right. I didn't buy it. In fact, I was so miffed, I didn't buy a book either. Not from them! *grumble* Srsly, even iTunes lets you listen to 30 seconds of the music you consider buying.

In other news, I didn't get one word written today. I woke up with pain in my neck which soon developed into a headache. It's better now, but I'm tired, so no writing today.
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I got my CD this morning from amazon, which is the 9th performed by the Cleveland, conducted by George Szell. I have three versions now: Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic - don't like it, but that's not a surprise - I am not fond of Karajan unless he conducts Wagner, and I don't like most Wagner because I have some nasty memories in which Wagner music plays a significant role. Anyways, the second version I have is George Szell conducting the Vienna Symphony, and I love it. It's' the kind of stuff I play at least once a day. Well, I did love it until I heard the one in which he conducts the Cleveland. I knew Beethoven fans love George Szell. I really had no idea of just how brilliant he was with his own orchestra. And, oh my, the Cleveland Choir is awesomesauce, too, never knew that one!

There are some simply perfect relationships in classical music, such as Szell/Cleveland playing the Beethoven symphonies, Brendel playing the Beethoven sonatas, Gulda playing Mozart, Argerich playing Chopin, Ashkenazy playing Rachmaninoff, Mutter the Carmen Fantasies, etc. They kind of make my heart beat in a different way. I'm going to have to find the perfect interpretation of Symphonie Fantastique now, I think. I love the Muti/Philadelphia one I have, but I have a feeling there might be a better one out there.

The weird remembering-missing-scenes-from-childhood shit is still happening, but I've started to feel calmer about it. What's done is done, I can't make it unhappen, so I best deal with it, right? Strangely enough, DB remembers some weird shit from the past, too, and I've come across several people who've had recent surges of remembering. Makes me wonder what it's all about.

I'm still working on the-chapter-that's-taking-forever, sorry. Added a few scenes that seem to round it off more completely, now I need to type them up. Will do that tomorrow cuz it's late now.
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Today, my order arrived: A CD I owned years ago, which got lost in one of the few across-continent moves since, and I've been missing it.

In general, I'm not a fan of Indian music, save the odd Nusrat Ali Khan or Ravi Shankar piece. I'm not a fan of Philip Glass, either. However, Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass together is my idea of music heaven. Amazon have it here for $8.99. Yes, it has the typical Indian sitar sounds in it, but it also incorporates the Western idea of contemporary classical style, and together it's simply awesomesauce.

I also received East meets West, the concert of Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin from years and years ago, but that was a bit of a disappointment, probably because I've been wanting to hear it for years. But alas, now I own it, and maybe one day I'll appreciate it. And since there were only $6 left to qualify for the super saver and therefore no postage, I threw in Handel's Water Music, played by the Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Muti. Not bad, not bad at all.

And now, I feel the urge to bring you some recommendations for fic:

First of all, it probably has come to your ears/eyes that some of the Petulant Poetess admins are writing a round robin. Chapter two, written by SoulBound, is now available. I love both chapters and am grateful to SoulBound for leaving open so many avenues.

Next is one I've recommended before, but really, I can't rec it enough: Southern Magic by Lapita. For those who've been following it, the final chapter and epilogue are in the queue. It is well written, a very original plot, and an even more original take on magic.

And last, but by absolutely no means least, here's an author that is well worth looking out for: a_bees_buzz. I love everything she's posted so far.
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Kinda x-posted cuz we all know what an attention whore I am. Latest version of Snape's Overture

ETA: Preliminary final version uploaded 8/20.
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I just discovered that itunes US has quite a lot of Brendel. I'm now listening to Beethoven's Waldstein Sonata, it's simply awesome.

Of course, I simply needed an excuse to show off my new icon, courtesy of [ profile] blue_paris. :-)


Sep. 16th, 2006 10:10 am
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We've made our way to London on Thursday. Thankfully, it's much cooler here than it was in Aachen, which I was very happy to leave behind.

I've sent chapter 10 of Without Magic off to NSS. Chapter 11 is already nearly 1k long, so I'm feeling positively accomplished.

A few more days, and Little Man and I will be off to visit the Lady Joyous *yay*.

Did I mention I love GarageBand?
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I've managed to upload one piece of music, created on GB, to the net. Comments, concrit, thumbs-up, thumbs-down, all greatly appreciated.


Oct. 11th, 2005 12:24 am
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I guess I could bore ya'll with today's non-events, but I'm chosing instead to jut down my thoughts about music. Well, not just any music. If you've been reading this LJ lately, you'll know I discovered the Rosenberg Trio - by sheer chance.
I've found out in the meantime that they're a Dutch trio, of Sinti (Gipsy) origin, which might explain their incredible musicality if that is a word in English... I've found quite a few songs where they performed with other performers, such as Django Reinhardt, Herman van Veen, who both are brilliant artists, and well known in their home countries. I remember having a record of Herman van Veen in German when I was a kid, and I loved it dearly, and I still love his music to this day. His voice is beautiful - think about a singing Snape, you have Herman van Veen. :-)
Anyways, I just found a song where the Rosenberg Trio performed with Paco de Lucia - Boy is that a potent song! It's called 'Medley', and it is absolutely out of this world. Between that one and 'Querer' (also by Rosenberg), I don't need any other songs, honestly. Harmonic, perfect, triggering all kinds of emotions, 'feel good' for sure, it is simply incredible. Whilst the Paco de Lucia one starts with this really simple drum and guitar which any idiot could recreate, 'Querer' starts off with equally simple tones, but totally different... Oh *groan*, just go and listen and you'll know what I mean.
I made our friend Peter listen to Querer tonight and he immediately recognized the tango rhythm, which I had not even realised, after listening to it about a hundred times, but he was right, of course. It is true tango. Wah! Pearle, if you want that song to listen to, let me know and I'll happily send it your way! And well, the Medley is just as sensual, although in a different way... Gotta love that Gipsy music! :-) Must go download some Al di Meola (spelling?) next...


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