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Chapter XII of Without Magic, "Feelin' Love", is now posted at The Petulant Poetess.

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm going to see Phantom Of The Opera today?


Sep. 16th, 2006 10:10 am
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We've made our way to London on Thursday. Thankfully, it's much cooler here than it was in Aachen, which I was very happy to leave behind.

I've sent chapter 10 of Without Magic off to NSS. Chapter 11 is already nearly 1k long, so I'm feeling positively accomplished.

A few more days, and Little Man and I will be off to visit the Lady Joyous *yay*.

Did I mention I love GarageBand?
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Little Man and I spent a couple of days near my home-town, where I was born and grew up. I picked up my birth certificate, in case I need it in the future. We've had a great time, for me it was a bit bitter-sweet.

And now we're all packed. As in, completely packed. Keyboard, guitar, iMac, all is packed, and the only item open is one box, which I will seal once the shippers arrive, just in case I find something I forgot to pack. The forms to fill in are something else, of course. I experienced close to a heart attack when I read them! I mean, honestly. Next thing they'll ask is how many times a week I have sex! *grumble*

But hopefully, the wait will soon be over. The shippers will be here tomorrow to pick up the stuff, then we can go to London, attend the interview at the embassy and then hopefully be off to a new life yet again. I'm tremendously looking forward to it.

We took loads of pictures, and I will upload them at some stage, just dunno when. Right now, living out of a suitcase, life is somewhat, uh, busy.

Chapter X stands at 4.5k and isn't finished. I could have stopped when Hermione's POV ended, but it just didn't seem right. So it'll be longer than usual, but will include Severus' POV of the same events. I can't promise to reach the point of First Kiss, but I'm working on it.


Aug. 1st, 2006 01:25 pm
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I've finally sent Chapter 8 of Without Magic to my trusted beta. It stands at just over 5900 words, which makes me feel good because it's taken so long to write. Best is that I'm already a few hundred words into Chapter 9, with no challenge or exchange to distract me, so the next chapter won't take nearly as long.


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