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Birthdate:Jan 8
Since some communities ask for it: Yes, I am over eighteen. Have been for a long, long time.

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[personal profile] lady_karelia
User Number: 5519670
Date Created:12.21.2004
Number of Posts: 670

Karelia and her family finally moved to the right side of the pond, living happily ever after.
Strengths: Honesty
What, more than one? Alright. Lemme think...
Ah, yes, good taste. In what you ask? Why, everything.
Still more? Okay. Creative.
Weaknesses: Hm. So close to perfection, but, okay, I'll admit it.
Not the most social person
Loves luxurious everything. Almost.
Special Skills: Magic and fatal glare
Weapons: Magic, sharp tongue, Legilimency
Pet Peeves: Dishonesty
Arse licking
Reptilians (no, not reptiles)

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Feel free to friend me. I'm more than likely to friend back except to an empty journal. If we haven't spoken before, please leave a comment somewhere so I get a vague idea about your identity. If you turn out to be a sycophant to some big-headed troublemaker, I will unfriend you; it's not personal, I just don't see the point of talking to sycophants. If you think you know the entire story by making up your mind after hearing one side, I'm not suitable for your friendship, seeing that I tend to wait with making up my mind until I've heard both sides. I am blunt, yes. I rant, yes. But if I have a personal problem with someone's actions, I'll take it up with them on a personal level, not a public level. I expect the same courtesy from my friends.

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Not all my posts are fandom-related. I say what I want to say here since this is my personal journal, and most of my posts are public. My views are neither mainstream nor pc, generally border on the eccentric side, I abhor politics, love the Oxford comma, and I enjoy exploring the esoteric side of life—ghosts don't scare me ;-)—so if you wish to safely remain in the herd, you may get scared. That said, I love making friends.

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