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Happy Birthday, [ profile] southernwitch69! Hope you're having a most wonderful day!

In other news )

To-do List

Jul. 5th, 2009 12:50 am
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- Clean kitchen
- Make paneer
- Fold three days worth of laundry
- Do laundry (bedsheets, towels, clothes)

I think that may deserve a bath with bubbles reaching the ceiling.


Jul. 4th, 2009 02:05 am
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[ profile] ordinary_magic posted a useful convention survival guide for those attending Azkatraz. If you're not familiar with San Francisco, read here.

Now, if anyone local could please point out the nearest Trader Joe's, I'll be deliriously happy.
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Happy Belated Birthday, [ profile] battle_of_lissa and [ profile] caeria, and Happy Birthday, [ profile] juniperus!

Hope your day was/is wonderful!

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Leave me a comment asking for a letter if you want to play.
Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter.
Post the list in your journal.

I got the letter K from [ profile] tamatersweet

1. Karelia Suite
2. keyboard instruments
3. key to comprehending the universe
4. kindness
5. knitting
6. knowledge
7. kisses and hugs from hubby and the kids
8. kitchens
9. koalas
10. knights in shining armour
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24164 / 20000 words. 121% done!

I've just submitted my [ profile] hermionebigbang fic, and I'm wavering between squeeing and crying in a corner. I think the squeeing will win, though. Whilst I'm done writing it, there is still quite a bit of work to do cleaning it up, which I'll start after Azkatraz. For now, I'll concentrate with RL stuff, such as friends visiting *squee* and overdue betas and maybe even some queue.

And, omg, what a relief that I managed it just inside the deadline. *glomps [ profile] kittylefish and [ profile] stefdarlin for all the support*
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HBB: 22197
Today: 2177

The end is palpable now, and I'm as much looking forward to that as I'm dreading it.
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Still entirely entranced by [ profile] between2snakes

Did manage some writing, well, a lot of writing today, around 1500 words, so I'm now at 18417, which leaves just over 1500 words to do in order to qualify and probably another 500-1000 on top to complete the fic. I think I can do it.

I tried to post a thank you note to b2s. Alas, I'll have to wait another day to be coherent.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] irishredlass69!!!

Hope you've had a most wonderful day, and may this year bring nothing but joy!

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I'll probably only ramble at best, as I'm still not quite coherent, and it'll probably take a while...

The first email I read )

I've been reading pretty much all day, with a short break for eating, mostly because my eyes were getting tired. But now I'm back and will continue to read the many, many fantastic fic and poems you've gifted me with. The love that has been pouring out from you all can and will stop wars, and the world has become a better place.

You've delighted me with tales about cheese, about Reiki, about music, about mushrooms, and I shall simply have to continue reading at a slow pace to devour and treasure every single word. Back to reading, then. :D
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*pokes [ profile] debjunk*

Look at THIS!

And, omg, he is not to be scoffed at either:

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1. Disabling comments because I owe loads already and am too slow catching up

2. Wrote 0 words today, but managed to cut about 300, yay me *snrk*

3. It's Too Fucking Hot

4. There are definitely two tomatoes. Am carefully watching the other 34 blooms and hope they'll still turn into fruit despite the heat.

5. Rejoicing over [ profile] bambu345 not needing surgery. Go, bambu!!! *keeps sending healing vibes to get arm back to human colour*

6. OMG, still 5k to write for the HBB! *wibbles*

7. Azkatraz is rather visible now, being merely four weeks away. *bounces*

8. There will be loads of squeeing, cooking, cheesemaking, and OMG, possibly vidding when [ profile] dragonsinger954 comes to visit in two weeks! I shall have to refine my ghetto cheesemaking skillz to show them off so that everyone who watches the video will have absolutely no excuse not to make feta! *bounces*

9. I need to write! *whines* Just over a week to go, and I only have 15k, 5k short so far! *cries*

10. There will be more squeeing on July 12. I've heard rumours that [ profile] annietalbot and [ profile] dickgloucester are popping in on their way from PA to CA. *squeeeeeeee*

11. Eleven, that elusive number. But, eleventy is a fantastic number, so... OMG, the HBB fic I've been writing is my bestest evvah. A lot of people probably won't read it because it's all musicky and poetic, and by musicky I don't mean Beatles or Abba or Eminem. *snrk*

12. I need to write!

13. The heat is unbearable. Even sitting on the Starbucks terrace doesn't cut it.

14. Green. Yes, green. Oh, and blonde.

15. Purely because it has to be 3, 6, or 9. In Pythagorian terms. Have some Dvorak.

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Can the weather please go away and take with it about 40F so I can breathe again. Kthx.

Freaking 102 degrees here. Just the thought of anything outdoors makes me feel entirely blah.
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My gift at the lmhg_exchange is posted, and it is absolutely awesome. It contains everything I absolutely adore: light, intelligent banter with a decidedly flirtatious ring to it; music, and Scott Joplin; a sophisticated Lucius; an intelligent and down-to-earth Hermione; piano-playing; dancing; not one word too many and yet lacking absolutely nothing. It's absolutely perfect! Go, read!
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Taking a leaf out of [ profile] tamatersweet's book because it's so pretty.

Wordle: Spheres
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13398 words total.
1830 words since Monday.
783 words today.

In a way, I'm relieved Dorkboy is traveling this week. Having to spend an hour at Starbucks every day while Little Man is at MA class does seem to do Lucius good. He likes being written by hand *snickers*. And I get to listen to music without anyone making comments, which is, once again, a novelty. And then we get home, and the coffee shows its effect, making me all bouncy.

Of course, Dorkboy's trip to California is making me rethink Memphis. We settled here thinking it's relatively near to newly-found family. The fact is, we haven't seen most of them at all, and my brother maybe two or three times a year. So I started wondering some time ago what the point is of living in a place so utterly deprived of culture and intelligence. I really despise this... excuse of a so-called city. It's unbearably hot for about seven months of the year, the weather is freakish, most of its inhabitants are so totally not to my likingunderstanding, so why on earth am I here??? I understand it from a spiritual point of view, totally so, but, gods, can I please have a reprieve and live somewhere where maybe one or two people actually share my beliefs and maybe some culture thrown in, too?
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Some lovely person sent me a PM telling me they liked my music. It totally made my day. Then Annie IM'ed me pointing to this. Thank you so much, Dreamy! I dropped ded several times before I was coherent enough to tell hubby via IM that someone thinks my writing is good enough to be recommended. *flails*

[ profile] debjunk and [ profile] machshefa further contributed to my squeefulness for musical and writerly reasons and [ profile] ariadne1 for goofiness reasons.

It all makes me feel very much loved. *treasures love*

Right. Still 300 words to go. Or maybe sleep instead.
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Do you wonder why I'm posting at this insane time of day? It's because I haven't gone to bed yet. Had to drop Dorkboy to the airport cuz he's spending the week in California. I tried to go to sleep, but stayed wide awake, so I gave up and returned to the computer to write and edit and research. As one does.

Boring stuff about writing progress )

And, OMG, Azkatraz! A month and two days, not that I'm counting or anything. xD
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I spent late afternoon and early evening wrestling tornadoeshuddled in the closet with Little Man. Apparently, Midtown lost trees, Downtown flooded a bit, and lots of homes are without power, but I'm relieved that we only lost a small tomato branch with five blooms. Oh, and several water spots have formed on the dining room ceiling. Oh, joy. *snrk*


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