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Our internet connection conked out sometime this morning. It was working fine at around 7am when I first got up. Then at midday, when I sat down to check email and the flist etc, there was no connection to be had. DB phoned comcast, who talked him through everything he'd tried already *snerk*, then informed him it must be something that cannot be repaired by talking. Hence an appointment was made. For Wednesday. Are you fucking kidding me, comcast? You better deduct two days of service from the next bill. Two days without internet? I don't think so. thankfully, savvy daughter whispered to me which connection is hijackable, so that's how we're online right now. I don't think it affects anyone; the neighbourhood all go to sleep by about 10.30pm.

But of course, the one day I'm not online all the time is the day the excitement happens *grumbles*. The [ profile] sshg_exchange has revealed all its culprits of this latest round here. It's been an awesome one!

First of all, I must thank [ profile] inspired_ideas for the awesome art for me. I have been very lucky in every exchange I've participated, and now every time I see the moon, I will think of this wonderful piece of art. Thank you, [ profile] inspired_ideas!

I can now finally thank all the awesome people who were more or less voluntarily involved in my writing No Music More Enchanting.

Without [ profile] shiv5468, [ profile] scatteredlogic, and [ profile] ginny_weasley31, there wouldn't be an exchange. You mods are purely made of awesome!

Without [ profile] sshg316, there wouldn't have been the prompt that resulted in NMME. Thank you, my friend, for writing a prompt that was tailor-made for me! *glomps*

The story would be full of plot holes without the skills of [ profile] little_beloved's alpha reading skills, lacking commas in the right places and grammatical errors without the eagle eye of [ profile] southernwitch69. Thank you, my dear friends, for turning this work into something legible! *glomps you both*. Also a big thank you to [ profile] shalimar1981 who was literally standing by to answer any questions I might have about Munich, since the last time I visited there was 19 years ago, and my memory isn't all that good. :-)

I still have quite a few exchange stories to read; two colds and RL aren't that conducive to reading leisurely. If I haven't left a review, I haven't read it. But I'm looking forward to reading them. There've been quite a few gems in there, and the art this round has been pretty amazing, too.


Oct. 27th, 2007 01:00 am
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Nearly 1300 words today, and the plot moved forward considerably. *I feelz accomplished*

A certain wizard llllurves the limelight, and, well, it's working better now. He's still a self-centered, vain b'stard, though.


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