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Apr. 18th, 2009 03:58 pm
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If you want to be absorbed in the happenings of behind the scenes of ren faires, don't miss Faire Game. Go, read.
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If you want a good laugh and don't mind expletives, read Memoirs of a Lady.
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450 words of silliness. Go. Read. What are you waiting for?
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I've had the pleasure of betaing [ profile] kittylefish's latest one-shot and have been very impatient for it to leave the queue. If you enjoy slashy action between Lucius and Severus, give it a go. It's well written, it's unexpected, and it's definitely hot!
Pleasure -> this way
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So, I've had a so-so Monday, during which I realised packing a household sux major monkeyballs. Then I went to the queue. And unexpectedly, I found an absolute treasure. If you want decent writing, purple prose made fun of, and one good, satisfying laugh after another, go read The Witches of Gilford. I promise you won't regret it.


Aug. 26th, 2008 01:05 pm
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There bees some new fics about I like, so have some recs:

Clich├ęd Story by oohdear. At 372 words, a very quick and humorous read, and all because I've complained too often.

Gauntlet by Melenka. An original work that is fast paced and satisfying to read and now nearing the end.

Just a Little Bit by Melenka. Hermione, Sirius, Severus. Verbal sparring galore and an intelligent Hermione.

Touch the Dark by Dreamy Dragon. Lucius, Hermione, Severus. Need I say more? Oh, yeah, lots of UST.

A Murder of Crows</> by HogwartsClassof91, aka [ profile] hogwarts_91. The story is complete and updated very regularly.

And another promising one with only two chapters posted, but the third in the queue: Disguised Affections by dressagegrrrl.

Really, now you have no excuse not to procrastinate.

Fic Rec

May. 19th, 2008 10:23 pm
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It's short. It's satisfying. And, boy, is it hot!


Fic Rec

Apr. 4th, 2008 01:59 pm
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It's an original story and very much underread and underappreciated.

Gauntlet by Melenka

I was gripped by it from the first word and felt bereft when I reached the end of what is posted. Thankfully, the author updates regularly, and I swear I will drop everything and rush to the update the very second it's posted. Go. Read. Review.

Fic Rec

Mar. 9th, 2008 09:38 pm
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The hottest I've read in a long time.

Second Life by Lariope. SSHG of course.
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I wrote just over a thousand words and edited 1600, and now I'm ready to read. Some smutty fic that doesn't involve brain, please.

Talking of fic, if you haven't read [ profile] dickgloucester's A fresh Start yet, what on earth are you waiting for? I know, up until recently, the hottest rec was [ profile] zeegrindylow's Where Your Treasure Is. It is an excellent fic, and if you haven't read that one yet, honestly, what kind of fan are you? Anyway, so [ profile] dickgloucester is lured to LJ land by [ profile] subvers, and we welcomed her, as one does, and she turns out quite nice. Not only that, she rewards us with posting fic! I squeed over the First Chapter because it was just excellent. Good writing, promising, original plot, wonderful characterisation, all that good stuff. A day later, she posts Chapter Two. I squeed some more, and evidently, I wasn't the only one. But it's goooooood, honestly. Neville, the new sex god. And he's so innocent *giggles*. So, a day later, she posts Chapter Three. Chapter Four followed shortly, and now it's up to Chapter Five. I've learned the story is eleven chapters long and completed, which means we can look forward to a chapter a day until it's posted in its entire glory. It's brilliant, honestly. Funny, endearing, the makes-you-chuckle and then makes-you-laugh-out-loud kind of story of which there simply aren't enough around. So go, read it, and leave some love.


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