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Sheesh, looks like I haven't been here in ages!

First of all, a very belated, but heartfelt birthday wish to [ profile] firefly124! I'm so sorry I wasn't around on the day! Still, I hope you had a brilliant birthday and may this year be the best yet!

Another, only slightly, belated birthday wish to [ profile] droxy! Hope you had a fab day, dear darque mod!

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There are quite a few good fics and art out there on the exchange, so even if you're not participating in it, go read it, look at the art, and leave some love. Cuz, you know what'll happen if you don't? We'll all go off and write our original fics and bother lit agents and do art to tempt artistic publishers rather than the moderated archives! And that'll mean you won't have anything to read or look at for free!

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Allow me

Jan. 10th, 2008 09:52 pm
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My gift is posted, and it is the most gorgeous art, I'm so so so lucky! *squeeeeeeees some more*


Nov. 21st, 2007 10:01 pm
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I've finally reached the part where I can see the end, nearly grasp it, in fact. When it happened, it was definitely the happiest moment in two weeks. Yup.

In the meantime, the to-do list is getting rather long, but I'll deal with that once I've sent the exchange fic on. I hope it'll be on Friday. Then I'll take the time to breathe for a few moments before moving on to what should have been done over the past couple or so weeks.

Back to the writing marathon.
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and must squee.


OMG isn't it absolutely gorgeous? I didn't hold out much hope for that particular prompt to be picked because, well, Hundertwasser isn't that well known, and his work probably has at least as many opponents as fans. But lookie what this talented artist did!

Please go and admire my gift here and leave some love for the mystery artist.

*grins* Can you tell I'm happy?
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New Orleans was absolutely awesome. So awesome, I'd love to move there. All the coffee-drinking culture, the colourful architecture, the balconies, the atmosphere in general, it's just incredible... I've posted some more about it over at the phoenix_sshg community and picspam will follow soonish.

Oh, and the sign-ups are open now for the [ profile] sshg_exchange Summer Exchange. I've signed up because my contribution for the Paintbrush and Quill Society is all done, and the exchange is just so much fun, and with two WIPs, I evidently don't have enough to do *snerk*.


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