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I don't like packing. But I could cope with it. What I have trouble coping with is the fact that my macbook froze this morning, wouldn't unfreeze itself (as it usually does after a few minutes), and now it won't even start. I tried everything I found online, and nope, I will have to take it to the Apple store. From what I read, it's likely the hard disk is fried. I wanna cry. My last chapter was nearly done, and I completely lost about 1800 words. I sincerely hope Mercury will change position soonest cuz this retrograde thing really isn't doing me any good.
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London. Hm. Dunno how to describe it. People seem to be getting more agressive every time I visit. But there is Mysteries, The Gap, and Neil's Yard Remedies, and there simply isn't any equivalent of either of those in Germland.

Then, there is my new toy. A sparkling white macbook. *preens* It is beautiful. It has GarageBand the latest version. And the entire iLife. So I'm happy. Very happy.

So, yeah. I'm one happy person.

As started by [personal profile] hogwartshoney, and followed up by [profile] charmed310, here's my list of people I would absolutely llllllove to meet at Phoenix Rising:

[personal profile] bambu345 - Not only the very best writer in the fandom, but a wonderful person as well - compassionate, willing to share joy to multiply it and willing to share pain to minimise it. What more can I say.

[personal profile] notsosaintly - She is the one who keeps me writing. Now, of course, I don't know if that's a good thing or not from someone else's point of view. But from my point of view, I will forever be grateful to her for encouraging me the way she did, has done, and still does.

[profile] snapesforte - She is the authority on Severus Snape, she writes brilliant stories, and she's simply awesome. I wish I had the guts to let me inner Death Eater hang out the way she does.

[profile] shiv5468 - She writes good stories and she's more opinionated than me. I so want to get some advice from her about how to become more opinionated.

[profile] larilee - Need I say more? Awesome author, awesome admin on Ash, awesome opinionated person. I know you're going to Canada *wrinkles_nose*, why can't you come to NO, too????

As for those I haven't mentioned, well, dears, you're the ones whom I will meet. :-)


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