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The last full day of Phoenix Rising. Tomorrow is the Coda Breakfast and the auction and that'll be Teh End. Damn, time flies when it's good!

So, I overslept royally this morning after getting lost on my way to bed last night. I was not pleased, but what could I do...

Starbucks was the order of the day as usual because I don't talk without caffeine in my veins, and by the time I got there, only a double-dose potion of caffeine could remedy that. Someone had obviously put a tracking charm on me, for how else would they have known at precisely which moment to phone? *ponders*

Then I met up with the [ profile] grangersnape100 lot, well, some of them, and we were going to walk to the cemetery because no trip to Nawlins is complete without visiting the cemetery, right?

Let's just say that Le Prophet du Jour, Nawlins' own wizarding daily, had a special edition tonight with the headline
Illegal Activities Suspected Amongst Visiting Witches

Yup, I'm afraid that was us. Because just as we were about to cross the road, [ profile] southernwitch69 spotted her hubby driving his wizarding vehicle, disguised in the form of a pick-up truck. Much shuffling and climbing ensued, and we all found ourselves in the back of a perfectly Muggle looking car.

Needless to say, the Ministry of Magic got wind of it almost instantly - effing tracking charms! - and started to chase us. But thankfully, gifted wizard SW69's hubby is, he made use of his driving and Charm skillz, and before we knew it, we found ourselves in front of the cemetery, and by the time the Ministry of Magic Aurors arrived, both car and hubby had long gone and we played all innocent. "No, sir, we walked here," followed by agreeing nods of the GS100 lot. They were not able to prove us any different and left soon. That chick, I think her name is Pansy Vanilla, tipped off the Prophet du Jour...

Of course, by the time they left, the cemetery had closed because it's Sunday, and they're only open till 12 on a Sunday. We did try our best to climb up the gate, but, oh boy, their repelling charms are some work of art! [ profile] charmed310 managed to climb highest, about 4 foot above ground, before being catapulted back to street level in the most spectacular fashion. And what's worse, it all happened too fast for any of us to switch on the cameras! Sorry about that.
So here be some picspam since you've come to expect it... Haven't you? )

And I totally need to go to sleep now cuz I have to be up in about four hours to catch the coda breakfast, and [ profile] ariadne has threatened to meet me. Which is probably a good thing cuz I'd love to meet her as well. Hey, Ari, some people seem to like audio stories. :-)

*waves goodnight*
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It's been a looooooooong and beautiful day, and I'm now sitting on the bed with a glass of Chardonnay in my hand and the computer on the lap, uploading pictures from the camera.

My day started early as I had arranged with [ profile] kimberly_elf to meet her at a parking lot by the airport. The journey was uneventful, with fairly reasonable traffic, and we returned to Canal Street by about 8.30. Kimberly gifted me with a laminated version of my Zodico sig tag, over which I squeed much. Her Zodico flag is absolutely awesome!

[ profile] blue_paris grumbled upon my return to the room because she'd overslept, but it really didn't matter. We set out to the Starbucks on the corner of Canal St and some other street, one where they accept Starbucks cards, and had breakfast there, which was rather enjoyable. Then we wandered around the FQ for a little while, checking out Urban Outfitters and a few other stores before returning to the hotel to do nothing for a bit. Later on, we went to the Sheraton again, met some more interesting people, and generally had a good time.

On the way to the Sheraton, I very briefly met [ profile] ellaselenelupin, and I hope to get a chance to meet her properly. Her flight was royally delayed, which was really unfair, considering she had to travel a few thousand miles.

Yesterday's Lord Voldemort was today's Narcissa Malfoy, and what a gorgeous one she was. I admit I'm curious now as to who she'll turn up as tomorrow!

I set out with [ profile] blue_paris to find a bite to eat, and just as we found a cheap and cheerful place, my phone rang, and the incredible happened. Wouldn't you like to know? )


May. 16th, 2007 01:11 am
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::iz totally giddy::

We made it here after a positively weird start to the day. I overslept. *nods*

It was about 4.30 this morning when I finally found my way to bed, then I woke up at 8.30 and decided, nah, way too little sleep; after all, there were 300 miles to be driven in the afternoon. So, I went back to bed, fell asleep - and woke up at 12.45. Uhuh. I don't remember any occasion I slept that late, lol.

After putting the last cloak together with only the to-be-sewn-by-hand stuff left to do on both of them, and then packing, I left at around 4pm. Torrential rain was the order of the afternoon, starting about 10 miles down the road. Got to Nawlins around 9pm. No sign of [ profile] sbrande, so [ profile] blue_paris and I went to a restaurant just across the road from Lush. The food was absolutely divine. I had shrimps, oh what a surprise, with green beans and dirty rice. I don't wanna know what dirty rice contains, but the entire meal was just absolutely wonderful. Just the right amount of spicy, just the right dryness, well, divine. We were pretty much squeeing all the time because it's just so, umh, exciting to be here, to meet other fans, to have a good time.

Tomorrow looks busy. Some have organised a lunch for the volunteers, so I'll be going to that (more shrimps?), followed by the volunteers training, then to the airport to pick up [ profile] hogwartshoney and [ profile] charmed310, then the rhythm revue dinner.

No pics yet. :-)
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I'm so giddy, I not only smiled at the bank teller but actually small talked with her. *shakes head*


In about 24 hours, I'll be on my way to New Orleans. ::iz very giddy::
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ZOMG, I've done it! I've just sent the second part of my exchange fic to beta. I can't believe I've managed - I've had serious doubts, especially after spending hours in Memphis this afternoon, rather involuntarily, I might add.

My to-do list has now shrunk considerably. Amazing how entertaining dye-jobs and sewing can become if I need to take a short break from writing... So, one and a half cloaks left to do, one top needs dying, and the make-up needs sorting out so I don't forget half of it.

Four days. I need sleep. Siriusly.
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To-Do List:

- Finish patchwork for the music skirt PicSpam will follow later.
- Cut fabric and sew
- Write the Audacity how-to with links post
- Beta
- Search for Indian grocery store in Memphis Found two, yay! And no less than seven Indian restaurants, too, w00t! Friday will be shopping day.
- Record some more voice for the P&Q story Not complete yet, but am getting there. And I'm actually not unhappy with it.
- Cut and sew next cloak. At least I don't have to cut the pattern this time, so won't take as long. And no pockets either. Or maybe pockets? *ponders*
- Think seriously about the next episode of Shrimpcast. Done! The next episode will likely be bigger than usual, but considering that the one after that is just a couple of days before people leave home for Phoenix Rising, I feel a big episode two weeks before is the better idea.
- Go to Post Office to chase package that is somewhere in TX when it really should be with its rightful owner.
- Write fic. I doubt I'll get to that today, but alas. Tomorrow is another day.
- Talk to friends about PR stuff.

Talking of Shrimpcast, I'm now indulging in some squeeing.


It has been a tremendously fun ride, right from the start. But what absolutely overwhelmed me is the level of support I've received. Just from the website alone, we've had now over 300 downloads not including iTunes. A few thank-yous are in order:

Pansy Vanilla, whose identity I cannot reveal yet for reasons that will become obvious in the next episode, who simply rolled her eyes when I said "Let's do a podcast to shorten the time until Phoenix Rising," pulled up her sleeves and started recording.

[ profile] kimberly_elf, without you, I'd still be stuck trying to upload the first episode. And you've been there whenever I needed hand-holding.

[ profile] dragonsinger954, one of the first to comment kindly on the podcast.

[ profile] elseinane and [ profile] kimberly_elf, who willingly humoured me and recorded the snippets for the Zodico competition.

[ profile] pennswoods, who not only pimped us in her own LJ, but went as far as mentioning us on an episode of Spinner's End.

[ profile] ofenjen, who is as enthusiastic about Shrimpcast mentioning all the crafty creativity as I am. The Winner of the [ profile] hpcrafters_pr Challenge will be announced on both the LJ and on the next Shrimpcast episode. Take a look and cast your vote - you have until Saturday. [ profile] ofenjen has also made the pretty icon for me *points at icon*.

[ profile] lezlishae and [ profile] dragonsinger954 who have stirred up the rumours that have been feeding The Spy Report.

Dorkboy, who willingly slipped into the role of Mr Patil in one episode and what's-his-name in another.

Little Man, who thought being heard on a podcast would be cool.

And last, but by no means least, a heartfelt thank you to all the authors who recorded chapters of their own writings, so us fangirls can hear them for real. Every single author I asked, without exception, without me resorting to Imperio has humoured me. On that note, let me squee some more, because, well, I've heard the author reading of the next episode. *grins smugly* I promise awesomeness.

And if I've forgotten anyone, please let me know so I can add them.

All the above has led to more planning of mischief, which will be revealed in the near future.
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Yessssss! I've finally made some progress with writing. Now that I'm no longer unhappy with either the [ profile] sshg_exchange fic or Chapter 13 of Without Magic after lots of scrapping and re-writing, I feel considerably more light-hearted. I almost see the end of the non-posting-fic-update-tunnel, yay.

I also made some progress on my musical patchwork skirt for Phoenix Rising, phew. The piece is nearly big enough to start cutting the pattern. That just leaves about two cloaks and the masquerade ball dress. Still sounds daunting, but not quite as daunting as yesterday.

And just as I thought Shrimpcast will soon go into hibernation, the next convention, Terminus is announced. Maybe not quite a full hibernation then. If Pansy Vanilla reads this, she'll probably AK me, LOL. Maybe just the odd irregular episode when something news-worthy happens until three or four months before August, then the mischief can start again *snicker*.

Now, if my son returns my laptop, I can actually get some work done on the website. But if he doesn't, that's fine, too. I might write some more, or actually read for pleasure. I see [ profile] pern_dragon updated Phantom of Hogwarts, yay.
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For all of you PR attendees who like the Draco/Hermione ship, there is a community to check out Phoenix_dmhg. Check it out, and if you're active in that part of the fandom, feel free to pimp the community.
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Anyone else received a mail saying, Thank you for your submission to Phoenix Rising. We are delighted to inform you that your application for the drabble booth has been accepted by the vetting board.???

So, I have six months to panic, LOL.


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