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I'm a happy witch tonight. Picked Dorkboy up from the airport late last night, went to sleep in his arms, woke up in his arms, and the day has been wonderful. And home is clean tonight because I made it so, save the floors, which I'll deal with tomorrow. Dorkboy is so much better suited to do grocery shopping than me. He doesn't get half as much irritated at poor produce quality, human stupidity, or crowds as I do.

Anyway, for lack of pimping my own music, which is due to the macbook still being out of action (although if you're really, seriously bored, you can always go to to listen to what's up there--link on the profile), I surfed youtube. The first one is definitely [ profile] pyjamapants's fault; if I hadn't read Witches of Gilford, I'd never remember the awesomeness that Shostakovich is.

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And in case anyone still wonders where the name for my web presence comes from... Read more... )

One of the reasons for that was that Finlandia just doesn't have the same ring to it... Read more... )

And here is an Italian voice I appreciate: Read more... )

And, OMG, finally, after all my raving about Tango Jointz, I found one! Read more... ) Not their best, by any means, but worth it nevertheless.

And for those who like Gotan Project... Read more... )

OMG, Dani, here's one that doesn't allow embedding. Imagine looking like she does at 60 or thereabouts. *snrk*

Ah, yeah. I stop now. *goes back to writing*
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This is one of my all time favourite Bach pieces (yes, another one), although I think this is just about the worst version I've come across.

This is a much better version, although, unfortunately, no visual action:

As a child, I owned it as an album, played on original instruments, which rather spoiled me. The nearest to it I've found recently is Con Gioia's Early Music Ensemble, but I couldn't find that one on youtube.

And here is a rather interesting version of Bach's Toccata and fugue in D Minor:

And just because this post wouldn't be complete with this:


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