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I have written 3,839 words today. A new record me thinks. I wasn't aware I could write that many words in one day and feel absolutely accomplished. Not only is it the first time I've written something in what feels like ages but I actually don't dislike what I wrote. Even though it's those icky parts to pull chunks of already-written plot together, it's been highly satisfying. I now have, probably unreasonably so, hope to send it to agents and publishers at some stage in the near-ish future.

I received wonderful gifts today, and even though I'm trying my best not to be shallow, it absolutely made my day, which I've spent drinking tea (thanks to my friend, [ profile] irishredlass69) with water boiled in a proper, whistling kettle and eating hand-made chocolate from Dublin (thanks to my darling [ profile] little_beloved). After the crappiest of weeks I've had, this was truly heaven-sent, and heart-felt thanks go to both of you.

I completed my first Reiki sock last night. The symbols aren't perfect by any means, my intarsia skills aren't' that great yet, but the intent was there, and my hands are still tingling. Haven't done any knitting today, but I have most of tomorrow to do as I please, so will probably cast on the second sock, ponder whether to do it identical, colour-reversed (I used charcoal Peruvian Highland from Knitpicks and Plymouth Boku in green hues) or switch one of the symbols, since there are three and I only used two on the one sock. No doubt there'll be picspam soonish. And it's bigger than my feez, so I'll probably put it up for grabs, on the condition that the receiver lets me know if there is any effect, once the second one is done.

celisnebula did this meme, which I thought very interesting and insightful, so I'm playing lemming. ;) )
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Nothing beats nice surprises, as I've just been reminded once more with a poem [ profile] little_beloved posted for [ profile] robisonrocket and me. I must squee.


Thank you, [ profile] little_beloved!!!! ::squishes you::

In other news, thanks to all the well wishes, I am finally feeling better again. *love to the f-list* Fewer sneezes mean increased energy levels, and as soon as I get back from self-defense classes, I'll start the beta works before I drown in them.
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and must squee.


OMG isn't it absolutely gorgeous? I didn't hold out much hope for that particular prompt to be picked because, well, Hundertwasser isn't that well known, and his work probably has at least as many opponents as fans. But lookie what this talented artist did!

Please go and admire my gift here and leave some love for the mystery artist.

*grins* Can you tell I'm happy?


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