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Don't mind me.

- Order new dairy thermometer
- Buy cheesecloth
- Remember to empty freezer at old place when going there to clean *duh*
- Remember to bring back the cheese cultures
- Stock up on coffee. Coconut Creme and what else?
- Go to Penzeys for herbs
- Find glass jars
- Marinade feta
- Unpack clothes

I know, [ profile] hogwarts_91, it's only one list, but...
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- Finish musical skirt It's done, yay!

- Get a start on the next cloak The lining is cut at least, so the task looks less daunting. Tomorrow calls for a visit to Hancocks so I can find the rest of the fabric for all the various projects

- Start on the dress *shudder*. Maybe today. Unless cutting the pattern counts as having started. *ponders* Yes, I think it does

- Vaccuum-clean the house. Little Man has actually volunteered to do that, I'm impressed.

- Finalise the new podcast. The bulk is done, the rest of is is more or less on-going.

- Post about Audacity how-to etc. I really need to do that today. It doesn't help that when I finally upgraded Firefox on this computer a couple of days ago, I managed to lose all my bookmarks *snerk*

- Think seriously about the last Shrimpcast episode before Phoenix Rising. No author reading for this one, so I need to come up with something, otherwise it won't even last ten minutes. *ponders* Not only a decent author reading, but some incredible wisdom to boot, courtesy of Pansy Vanilla.

- Do laundry. *blah*

- Finish recording the story, now that my voice is normal again. Edit 10:52pm: Recorded most. Just the last part left now.

- Edit said story, so it can be online in time for PR.

- Play around with the intro of the new podcast. Which reminds me: I need voice snippets. A witty answer to Snape asking what three young Gryffindors would be doing inside on a day like this. Takers, anyone?

- Tone down the speech about Briticism so I can send it off to [ profile] snapeophile by the deadline. Edit 10:54pm DONE. Sent it to mah two friends to look it over and then it'll go to [ profile] snapeophile and be out of my hair except for practising reading it aloud.

- Write fic. Not gonna happen today, but I have hopes to complete it over the weekend.

- Wash the car, bully Little Man into taking his stuff out, fill the car up, so we don't have to deal with that tomorrow for our weekly trip to Memphis.

Not busy or anything *snerk*


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