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I spent late afternoon and early evening wrestling tornadoeshuddled in the closet with Little Man. Apparently, Midtown lost trees, Downtown flooded a bit, and lots of homes are without power, but I'm relieved that we only lost a small tomato branch with five blooms. Oh, and several water spots have formed on the dining room ceiling. Oh, joy. *snrk*


Mar. 5th, 2008 09:42 pm
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I'm up to date with all my beta stuff. *le gasp* Yeah. So, look out for a new story by Memory, coming to a screen near you soon. And an entry to the Potter Place Post-DH Challenge, also coming to a screen near you soon.

The weather has been so weird lately, even the locals talk about it frequently. Makes me feel like I'm back in England! Yesterday, snow. Today, the high was 58F. Day after tomorrow, the forecast is for snow again.

Writing is... slow. I've started uploading a chapter a day of No Music More Enchanting in the hope that reviews might inspire the Muse, but alas. Not much there.

I have made progress on my sweater, with the aim to finish it middle of next week. The front is nearly done (about 10"), so that leaves the sleeves with the g-clef and the bass-clef. I've drawn the g-clef on graph paper, still have to do the bass clef, but it should be easier, now that I have at least a vague idea of what I'm doing. The sweater will be suitable for Antarctic conditions, so I'm not overly sad if I don't get to wear it this season. Talking of Antarctica, my to-knit list is increasing splendidly. I need two hats, two pairs of mitts, long arm warmers, long leg warmers. Should keep me busy. And youtube keeps me entertained during knitting sessions. I need to look into audio books for that, too...
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The weather sux. It's downright oppressive, with about 70% humidity, rain and thunderstorm lingering nearby but not quite reaching here. And it's damn hot still, although it's supposed to cool down a little bit over the next few days. We'll see.

We went to see Dead Man's Chest last night. I don't think it was due to the heat of the cinema (no a/c) that I did not like it. Johnny Depp has always held both fascination and repulsion, although when I learned that Nestlé were heavily involved with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I really lost any interest in him. In this latest of his, I simply found I can't be bothered to find any reason to like him, and his acting skills really didn't persuade me on this occasion. Keira Knightley? Who let her loose on Hollywood??? *shakes_head* And Orlando Bloom was somehow just misplaced. Maybe it was the director who didn't do as well as he could have done, I don't know. There were no acting skills nor any plot that had me raise my eyebrow. Not a movie I'll bother watching again. But then, I'm not really a movie watching person. I tend to prefer plot over action, and even more so, acting skills over action, any day.

There are, of course, some movies I'm looking forward to watching. One is, naturally, The Perfume. I read the book when it came out, and it was at a time when I still enjoyed reading German, so I read it in its original version. I was captivated entirely, to this day it is one of the most riveting reads I can think of. Another that has grabbed my attention recently is Freedom To Fascism. Anyone who is not already a complete sheep should see it, I think.

And now I'll return to melting some more.


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