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Cheese buffet about five minutes after arrival )

The guys' dinner tonight )

In other news, I woke up hoping to finish my exchange entry today. Instead, I wrote 0 words. *sighs deeply* I'm still hoping, as usually the time after midnight is the best for me to write. Wish me luck.
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It's time to do some writing, I think.
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I'm feeling better. Thank you for all your good wishes and orders. I followed those of Mr Malfoy and was pretty much back to myself by last night, after some seriously good rest.

I wasn't going to write anything, or if, I was going to finish the "drabble" from last week. But Lucius had other ideas upon seeing [ profile] organic_chemist's prompt. Yes, it's LuLu, and it's dedicated to Shug because she seems to find delight in that particular pairing, and you can find it here.

And I've promised I'd type up the 30-minute mozzarella recipe, but thanks to Ari, I found it on the net. It is identical to the one I have, its author being the one featured making cheese. You can find it here. If you need rennet, cultures, etc, that's the site I buy my stuff for cheesemaking from. They're good and deliver reasonably fast.
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I felt a bit down after taking Dorkboy to the airport. I mean, two weeks without him, then a w/end with him, then another two weeks without, and on and on it'll go... *sighs*

So, anyhow, the best way to distract me was to make some cheese. Fresh cultures arrived this week, and I bought a gallon of the liquid yesterday at the grocery store. Because, you know, people around TN haven't heard of cows or sheep or goats producing milk, oh no. They all know it comes from the grocery store.

The first task was to make a flavourful feta cheese, which now, about 10 hours later, is dripping whey at the rate of one drop every 20 minutes. It looks promising, even though it was one hell of a job to get the stuff to form curds. Sheesh. I can haz raw milk? Please? Pretty please?

Next task was to save the whey to make ricotta. I now have a small bowl of ricotta in my fridge, ready to be used for, oh, maybe a one-person meal of spinach and ricotta lassagne. Which is okay, me being the only one who eats it.

Next, I used the left-over whey to cook pasta in. It tasted fabulous.

I'm tempted to—no scrap that, I know I will—buy some non-homogenized milk. Last time, a couple of months ago, that was around 2.99 a pint. I dread to look at the price now. I think I'll just pick up a few pints and close my eyes when I get to the cash desk and hope I have enough $$ on me to pay for it. But I'll have good cheese! Yay!

Um, yeah, that's all. I should return to the writing of the project that must not be named. *snerk* In the meantime, feel free to ponder why on earth I love making my own cheese (from milk!) when I condemn about four out of five fanfics because they're cheesy. *snickers*


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