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45 minutes to go to the deadline, and I've managed to upload the [ profile] sshg_exchange fic, despite internet troubles once again. Apparently, two drops of rain is all it takes now to cut us off *snerk*.

Back to sewing.
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ZOMG, I've done it! I've just sent the second part of my exchange fic to beta. I can't believe I've managed - I've had serious doubts, especially after spending hours in Memphis this afternoon, rather involuntarily, I might add.

My to-do list has now shrunk considerably. Amazing how entertaining dye-jobs and sewing can become if I need to take a short break from writing... So, one and a half cloaks left to do, one top needs dying, and the make-up needs sorting out so I don't forget half of it.

Four days. I need sleep. Siriusly.
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Dear Ms VoldieMod,

I am on both your flist and your partner’s-in-crime (or would that be partner-in-crime’s?) flist, however, I regret to inform you that I only occasionally take to complaining. Since my progress on the exchange gift has not quite reached the stage to qualify for the term abominable, I’ve seen no reason to complain. It may be the lack of complaints which has caused you to cast doubt as to whether or not I am working hard enough. I could, or maybe should, bore you with details of my progress, but let me just briefly reiterate what I concluded myself a few days ago: Had I not deleted vast amounts of words, I would be at approximately 10k by now. However, since I felt the need to delete the initial drivel I had indulged in writing, I am now left with approximately 1.5k words, but I am not unhappy with any of those words. Therefore, I feel somewhat confident that I shall be able to meet the deadline of May 12th to deliver a completed story.

Furthermore, I feel somewhat confident to survive the next eighteen days. But rest assured, I have left specific instructions with my family to contact you and attach the partially completed gift should I meet my demise earlier than expected. I sincerely hope I wont, of course--not only would I like to complete the story I started, but there is Phoenix Rising to attend, a mere five days after the Exchange deadline.

Herewith I confirm I am still taking part in the Exchange. I cannot say I hate every minute of it, however. Nor do I wonder why on earth I chose to volunteer--it seems quite clear to me why I volunteered. And really, I cannot possibly whinge at you for being daft enough to send this email. I know perfectly well what it feels like to be tired. Not only that, but my eyes are even older than yours.


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