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I've written 4,209 words since Monday evening after a mega headache spree Sunday/Monday from hiking and strawberry picking in 92F

My LMHG exchange fic is completed and sent off to alphas, betas, gammas *omg flails*

That means tango is off the agenda and Mozart/Sibelius/Khachaturian are back

Because I'm back to the HBB, which currently stands at 8,200 words and needs another 11,800 words by the beginning of next month, and Lucius insists on that choice of music

Little Man is back home after a rather unexpected two nights away. When he informed us he'd spend the night at his friend's place (his friend being the son of his kali instructor, who is absolutely awesome), I laughed. I mean, Little Man doesn't do away from Mom or Dad. Hahaha. Little Man is growing up, and it's rather delightful. Not only did he spend one night at his friend's but he returned last night for another night there because, well, there is Bruce Lee training, there is stick fighting under professional supervision, and there are Bruce Lee movies to watch. He returned very tired and very happy and with plans to repeat next week.

Today was an awesome day with a 65F high and plenty of English-style rain (read gentle all-day rain as opposed to torrential five-minute rain that invites boats on the road)

There are now 14 buds on the tomato plants

The habanero chili has grown but the rosemary hasn't. Yay. It looks like they'll get on fine for the next few months. Or days.

In the AeroGarden, the first jalapeno is turning red. The tomato plant I didn't have the heart to cull is flowering. *flails* I shall do nothing with it except water and feed MiracleGro, as per [ profile] ordinary_magic's advice, which seems to work a great deal better than the stuff that came with the kit. Quarter teaspoon after quarter teaspoon, we may have a decent crop.

Hilary Hahn. [ profile] bambu345 commented on the awesomeness of the icon, which is courtesy of [ profile] gilded_glamour. There are violinists and there are violinists. Hilary Hahn is the latter.


Oct. 19th, 2007 09:46 pm
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The high today was about 73 degrees.

Yesterday was something else, though. Tornado warning all day long, with temps of around 88, 80% humidity, strong winds... I was seriously glad when the day was over, even though nature provided a spectacular display of lightning in the evening, which kind of made up for the unbearable weather and resulting unbearable moods of people all over.

Today started well enough, although I had my doubts when we stopped at Starbucks. We only go there about six times a week, so it's not surprising that my accent cannot be understood *snerk*. "One tall raspberry latte, please."

"One non-fat latte, right. Anything else?"

"No. One tall latte with a shot of raspberry syrup, please."

"Oh, I got ya! One tall latte with a shot of sugar-free syrup."

"No, no! One tall latte with a shot of raspberry, you know, the fruit raspberry."

"Yes, One latte with a shot of sugar-free."

"Erm, let me drive around. Don't make that latte just yet."

At the window: "Sorry, I had trouble hearing you. Must be a plane overhead."

No kidding. Starbucks is RIGHT in the flightpath, about 2 miles from the airport. It's not a novelty that planes fly at low height overhead, really.

"Okay, let's try again... A tall latte with a shot of raspberry syrup, please."

"A shot of what???"

Thankfully, one of the gals working there who know us came to the window and asked what the trouble was... So I placed the order (once. And she got it all right, too. Four different kinds of drinks. So I have a suspicion it wasn't me having trouble with speech.)...

On the way back, we stopped at Books-A-Million, and I discovered several new books in the "New Age" section *gasp*. They must have a new buyer in. There is hope yet, yay!

Tomorrow is self-defense and tennis day, but I have hope that on Sunday we'll get a chance to check out the woods for 'shrooms. Oh, that's wild mushrooms, [ profile] robisonrocket, for eating. *giggles*

And just because I'm in sheep mode and you're all no doubt dying to find out my answers... Teh Meme )


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