Jun. 10th, 2009 11:22 pm
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I'm a little squeeful tonight on about three accounts:

1. [ profile] debjunk is finally on LJ! W00t! Her f-list so far looks a little empty. *hint*

2. Azkatraz! OMG, just over a month to go! *bounces*

3. As to the Hermione Big Bang fic...


I have written 10,596 of 20,000 words.
I am now 52.98% done!

no frills wordmeter

Yesterday, I only managed 394 words (and that particular number was entirely unintentional!), but today I'm up to 770 so far, so I guess that makes up for the lack of the 106 words yesterday.

ETA: 992 words today, and I'm calling it a day. G' night!
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956 words today. I'm ecstatic.
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I've written 4,209 words since Monday evening after a mega headache spree Sunday/Monday from hiking and strawberry picking in 92F

My LMHG exchange fic is completed and sent off to alphas, betas, gammas *omg flails*

That means tango is off the agenda and Mozart/Sibelius/Khachaturian are back

Because I'm back to the HBB, which currently stands at 8,200 words and needs another 11,800 words by the beginning of next month, and Lucius insists on that choice of music

Little Man is back home after a rather unexpected two nights away. When he informed us he'd spend the night at his friend's place (his friend being the son of his kali instructor, who is absolutely awesome), I laughed. I mean, Little Man doesn't do away from Mom or Dad. Hahaha. Little Man is growing up, and it's rather delightful. Not only did he spend one night at his friend's but he returned last night for another night there because, well, there is Bruce Lee training, there is stick fighting under professional supervision, and there are Bruce Lee movies to watch. He returned very tired and very happy and with plans to repeat next week.

Today was an awesome day with a 65F high and plenty of English-style rain (read gentle all-day rain as opposed to torrential five-minute rain that invites boats on the road)

There are now 14 buds on the tomato plants

The habanero chili has grown but the rosemary hasn't. Yay. It looks like they'll get on fine for the next few months. Or days.

In the AeroGarden, the first jalapeno is turning red. The tomato plant I didn't have the heart to cull is flowering. *flails* I shall do nothing with it except water and feed MiracleGro, as per [ profile] ordinary_magic's advice, which seems to work a great deal better than the stuff that came with the kit. Quarter teaspoon after quarter teaspoon, we may have a decent crop.

Hilary Hahn. [ profile] bambu345 commented on the awesomeness of the icon, which is courtesy of [ profile] gilded_glamour. There are violinists and there are violinists. Hilary Hahn is the latter.
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Happy Birthday,
[ profile] geminiscorp

Here's hoping you've had the most wonderful day, and may this coming year be an infinite improvement on the previous one!
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I totally get a kick out of harvesting herbs minutes before I use them, and I use them a lot. And when I was hunting for herbs, I found a few tomato plants as well, and our balcony isn't quite as exposed as the patio last year was, so I'm hoping for a crop of tomatoes, too. Oh, and I couldn't resist the habanero pepper of course.

Clickest for teh picspam )

Now, to name the garden...
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I found truffle butter at Fresh Market. Not sure what I'll make with it, but I'll find something. Also found challah, yay! Challah with butter and honey = <3.

I popped into the farmer's market on the way to FM and picked up tomatoes, green onions, broccoli, peaches, and onions, all allegedly picked early this morning.

Dorkboy volunteered to cook today. I'm having Thai curry with lots of green onion and a few shrimps. :D

Now, if today is the day I've been anticipating every day I woke up this week--the day the exchange piece is sent on its way--I'll be positively happy.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] sunnythirty3!!!

Hope you're having a grand day, and may the coming year be your best yet!

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Cheese buffet about five minutes after arrival )

The guys' dinner tonight )

In other news, I woke up hoping to finish my exchange entry today. Instead, I wrote 0 words. *sighs deeply* I'm still hoping, as usually the time after midnight is the best for me to write. Wish me luck.
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O noes, she's talking about cheese! Again! )

And I forgot the disposable plates and cutlery. ::headdesk::
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I have a mega to-do list for tomorrow...

- ask for extension on LMHG exchange fic
- buy groceries
- considering two families are coming for dinner Sat, need to buy disposable plates and cutlery
- make up mind what to marry Indian food with (one loves Indian food and asked for it; other one hates Indian food and asked not for it; rest is okay with whatever, especially cheese.)
- visit non-corporate garden center for some more heirloom tomatoes. Home Depot were great by offering Ozarks specific heirlooms, but really, I can haz local-specific heirlooms that don't die at the first hit of 100F? Did buy two heatwave hybrids that are supposed to do really well in hot weather, though, because I'm hell-bent on having tomatoes this season.
- go to post office. Yes, finally. I have three packages to go out. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, although I fear that hope is futile...
- clean kitchen floor. I sort of had half a hope for the pressing-the-manchego-pot to kinda fall *grins shamelessly at Ari*, but alas, it didn't happen. The pot is behaving absolutely fine, which leaves me with the clean-the-kitchen-floor task tomorrow.
- Figure out how to cope with unwanted wife if she turns up. It's one thing to be pissed at your husband, but an entirely different issue if you turn up at a so-called friend's place only to be rude. *hmph*
- answer some more LJ comments
- do queue, although I won't promise
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[ profile] luvsev tagged me *glares*

Sometimes it's okay to pimp yourself. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Mine, in no particular order:

A Potion With an Unintended Notion: Ron Weasley is very careless during a Potions lesson. Chaos and love ensue, and Rita Skeeter changes her profession.
I'm fond of it because I surprised myself there writing humour.

Etude de Magie: Sometimes, a coincidental find can change one’s life entirely.
My 2007 exchange fic, in which a diary plays a significant role. I like it still.

No Music More Enchanting: Hermione is offered a job before sitting her NEWTs.
I'm fond of it because I had a whale writing it, and it was actually the last fic I wrote with a kind of generic muse. Writing Lucius for the first time evidently made him decide to become my Muse.

Soul Food: Lucius learns over the course of a few years that mushrooms can be a lot more than just fungi.
A love for LuLu remained with me even after I finished NMME, and I indulged. ;)

Travel, Conspiracy, and Men: Hermione accepts a career offer she can't resist only to find out she's been set up. Two unlikely men offer help.
The first fic in which Lucius completely took over, and I'm fond of it because I think it's my best to date. Some people evidently agree because it won third place in the multichaptered category in the Potter Place challenge.

If you feel like doing it, consider yourself tagged.
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So no writing worthy of mentioning done. But, omg, I feel so much better. Thank you, [ profile] kittylefish!
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[ profile] grrangerous's excellent Phoenix Song is now complete. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?

I'm enjoying a lazy-ish Sunday. The weather today has been blissfully cool, so cool that Dorkboy coaxed me out of the house with a promise of good coffee and the book store. I enjoyed the outing as well as the coffee, although I still feel as if part of me is not quite back yet.

My HGLM exchange is now 5,500 words; I figure it's about two thirds done, although I might be wrong there. In any case, my hope to be done by the end of today wasn't quite realistic. There's always tomorrow, and I know for sure that it'll be done sometime this week. I'm very keen to return to the HBB fic.

Back Home

May. 14th, 2009 10:19 pm
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Totally wired from too much coffee on the way home, but not very coherent for various reasons. And home safely. Made it in 7.5 hours.

Very late Happy Birthday wishes to [ profile] apisa_b and [ profile] hogwarts_91!

To-Do List

May. 14th, 2009 09:11 am
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It's been an outstanding few days, but everything wonderful comes to an end in order to make space for the next wonderful. On the agenda today:

- Coffee
- Have lunch with [ profile] ariadne1 and [ profile] melenka.
- Drive home, with a short stop at Trader Joe's
- Reflect on the most awesome week I've been having, filled with adventures in cheesemaking, cooking, and weather-watching, eating wonderful breakfasts, laughing, playing in mud, staying in pyjamas the entire day, laughing, having gallons of excellent coffee, enjoying brilliant company, laughing.
- Empty car
- Collapse into bed
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Sipping coffee. Talking and absorbing just the right amount of words. Bliss. Plan for the day: Admire the garden, chill, some food shopping, chill, cook an Indian feast for dinner with 'Lenka's folks, chill.

ETA: There will be some cheesemaking, too. If not today, tomorrow is another day.
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I had an absolutely lovely day that involved lots of driving, lots of good music, followed by a most wonderful evening of chilling, eating, talking cheese, talking mushrooms, talking knitting, talking some writing, a tour of the garden, and more chilling. I'll probably post some pics tomorrow, but chilling is top priority.

And when I quickly checked my email, I discovered that [ profile] inell has written a most awesome snapshot of Lucius's life here. Read it, it is perfection. Thank you so much, Inell!
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Eine Freundin von mir moechte gern diese Ausgabe von Visions: mit Green Day. Kosten werden natuerlich erstattet. Kann jemand helfen?
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It's been an active seven days, both with regard to writing and RL. Writing, well, I've just passed the 4k-mark on the LMHG exchange fic, and I'm feeling loads better about it after a few days of deleting more than I'd written, tearing my hair out over The Voice, panicking about The Plot, and various other bits and pieces. I feel I'm on track now, and hopefully, I can finish this without any more panic attacks.

In RL, Good Friend is having marriage trouble, which I don't find surprising, but it's nevertheless sad to see two people who supposedly loved each other at some stage to prefer to go separate ways instead of deciding to work hard in order to make the relationship work. Anyways, there's been consoling, comforting and all that, which I'm so totally not good at, but I chipped in with feeding him and supplying him with coffee and all that, and I think he felt better for it. Sometimes, just being spoiled a little with soul food and that kind of thing will work wonders, and I sincerely hope it did in his case. For the moping, hubby and daughter took care of that side of comforting.

Three of us had some bug that lasted a day or two, but Sara hasn't been so lucky. She's one sick puppy, has a temperature on and off, and spends too much time hugging the loo. She hasn't puked in a few hours, so I sincerely hope she's getting over it, poor kid.

In the AeroGarden department, the jalapeno plant is finally doing well. I took one tomato plant out (it never produced any flowers at all), cut the other one back after it had given a fair amount of tomatoes, and the jalapeno was seriously late-coming. So late that I'd run out of feeding tablets by the time it showed the first pepper. Thanks to [ profile] ordinary_magic's expert advice, I'm hopeful to keep it going until it stops producing. Still waiting for the hp-testing strips, but Home Depot promised they'd have them in before the w/end, so I will check tomorrow and hopefully buy some. Right now I'm in two minds over what to plant next: herbs or salad greens. Won't do tomatoes this round, as our balcony only gets the morning sun, so there is hope that tomatoes won't fry the way they did last year in late June with the morning and mid-day sun. But I have about a month to decide what to plant next, which is plenty.

Monday I'm off to visit friends, and honestly, I can't wait. 450 miles each way, all by my lonesome, which means I can listen to Sibelius to my heart's content, it's going to be pure bliss, followed by more bliss of admiring gardens, making cheese, good food, writing, and lots of chilling. I realised just recently that it's been some eight years that I went somewhere completely on my own. So it's really high time!


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