May. 22nd, 2009

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I have a mega to-do list for tomorrow...

- ask for extension on LMHG exchange fic
- buy groceries
- considering two families are coming for dinner Sat, need to buy disposable plates and cutlery
- make up mind what to marry Indian food with (one loves Indian food and asked for it; other one hates Indian food and asked not for it; rest is okay with whatever, especially cheese.)
- visit non-corporate garden center for some more heirloom tomatoes. Home Depot were great by offering Ozarks specific heirlooms, but really, I can haz local-specific heirlooms that don't die at the first hit of 100F? Did buy two heatwave hybrids that are supposed to do really well in hot weather, though, because I'm hell-bent on having tomatoes this season.
- go to post office. Yes, finally. I have three packages to go out. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, although I fear that hope is futile...
- clean kitchen floor. I sort of had half a hope for the pressing-the-manchego-pot to kinda fall *grins shamelessly at Ari*, but alas, it didn't happen. The pot is behaving absolutely fine, which leaves me with the clean-the-kitchen-floor task tomorrow.
- Figure out how to cope with unwanted wife if she turns up. It's one thing to be pissed at your husband, but an entirely different issue if you turn up at a so-called friend's place only to be rude. *hmph*
- answer some more LJ comments
- do queue, although I won't promise


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