Jun. 18th, 2009

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13398 words total.
1830 words since Monday.
783 words today.

In a way, I'm relieved Dorkboy is traveling this week. Having to spend an hour at Starbucks every day while Little Man is at MA class does seem to do Lucius good. He likes being written by hand *snickers*. And I get to listen to music without anyone making comments, which is, once again, a novelty. And then we get home, and the coffee shows its effect, making me all bouncy.

Of course, Dorkboy's trip to California is making me rethink Memphis. We settled here thinking it's relatively near to newly-found family. The fact is, we haven't seen most of them at all, and my brother maybe two or three times a year. So I started wondering some time ago what the point is of living in a place so utterly deprived of culture and intelligence. I really despise this... excuse of a so-called city. It's unbearably hot for about seven months of the year, the weather is freakish, most of its inhabitants are so totally not to my likingunderstanding, so why on earth am I here??? I understand it from a spiritual point of view, totally so, but, gods, can I please have a reprieve and live somewhere where maybe one or two people actually share my beliefs and maybe some culture thrown in, too?


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