Jan. 12th, 2009

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So, the morning started off really well. I procrastinated and read Sentimental Education on the sshg_exchange, which was a delight to read. I felt ever so slightly guilty for not doing what I was supposed to be doing (writing), but, yeah, I've made allowances for reading during the exchange posting month.

As the day progressed, however, its quality seriously waned. I mean, come on. Yule Challenge comments were sent out this morning. The rules of the challenge clearly stated that it wasn't about popularity; no, it was about the quality of writing. If you're not interested in receiving constructive criticism about your writing (not you! your writing! no, not even your writing, but your specific entry!), why on earth do you participate??? There were crying, tantrum, and me having "beef" (no, silly, I do not. I'm vegetarian) accusations in return. For starters, judging will never be entirely fair. That's why there is more than one judge in those kinds of challenges. That's also why the highest and lowest scores are taken out of the equation. That's about as fair as it can be. If you have more ideas about being fair, please say so. I won't take it personally. But, it's surely telling that those with the higher scores thank us for the concrit and the ones with the lower scores slap us. People, we don't attack YOU! We give our opinion about your writing and even tell you what's wrong with it so you can improve it, knowing what's wrong with it. A low score in SPaG might irk you, but at least YOU'LL KNOW you'd do well to work on that! Yes, we've learned a lot from this first round to make the next round a lot tighter, but, please, give us some allowance for that, too. We spent the "holidays" reading through your stories, dodging hexes from family members, after all, all in the spirit of helping you to improve your writing.

I was thoroughly irked by the time evening arrived. Aside from the challenge stuff, we've had an influx of new authors, and many of them have not read the WR or any SPaG rules or remember any canon spellings.

And then Lucius visited a friend. It was awesome. And the day ended as it began: really well.


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