Feb. 19th, 2009

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There are three grocery stores in our area, one within walking distance, although I wouldn't dream of walking there because drivers are utterly nuts around here, another two miles away, the last of the same brand as the first about 3 miles away. Since we moved here, we've always gone to the one within walking distance and occasionally the other, which has Chilean Artisan Cheese and better quality produce. Today, having gone to the gourmet store a few miles away, I figured I'd try the other Kroeger, since it was on the right side coming back and would save me at least 10 minutes of waiting at the traffic light. O.o. Flagship store. Best. Ever. About 60 types of cheese. A sushi bar with an on-site chef who prepares everything to your specification, including veggie sushi. An international isle that was big enough to differentiate between German, British, Polish, French, Carribean, Indian, Kosher, Japanese, Thai... Okay, my cupboards are stocked again.

I spent two days eating leftovers, gladly, too, but I sure love the way the fridge looks now. There are 9 different types of cheese, including the Very Underaged Manchego, which I'm itching to try, but I know if I do, there won't be any left for Aging. Hmph.

In other news, the temp was 75 degrees at 3pm, and by 10pm it had gone down to 42. I'm sooooo not impressed. I suppose it's positive that there haven't been any tornadoes.

In writing, I'm trying to divide my time between Lucius and Rowena. It's not an easy task, as queue comes in at all hours. I thought it would be feasible to write Rowena before 6pm and Lucius after, but that's just not viable. By 6pm I might be lucky to be done with beta/RL stuff, or queue, and then Lucius tends to call, and if I don't listen, he gets antsy. Maybe I should differentiate the two by days? Days that have a y in them will be Lucius's and the rest Rowena's? No, not quite working, thanks, Lucius. *snerk*


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