Apr. 22nd, 2009

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*waves you past* Just posting for records.

Hermione Big Bang (obviously not posted yet)

8155 / 20000 words. 41% done!
Not sure if it's misleading or not. I write frantically, have been since sometime in March, but alas. Very mixed feelings. Not about the plot. Oh, I love the plot like I've never loved the plot, and Lucius does, too. I need to rid myself of the ego and stop feeling hurt at the lack of cheerleading. My beta approves, my friend who issued the prompt approves, and my other friend whose opinion I value approves. And all have been giving valuable input, which hopefully makes it better. Maybe better news on the ego issue next week. Meanwhile, I'll continue writing like whoa.

LMHG Exchange (obviously not posted yet)

0 / 8000 words. 0% done!
That's totally misleading, really. I have an outline, in fact a very outspoken outline, and I need to sit down and write it. I can see a lot more progress in a week's time.

Supersekkrit shit (posted or not)
No bar here. I'm in two minds over it and might or might not pull it. I'll continue to write it, no doubt about that, but right now, there is very little incentive except writing it for myself and completing it for myself. So that might be on the backburner for a couple of weeks.

All of the above might explain why I've not managed to produce even one drabble lately *sighs*


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