Jan. 27th, 2009

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Something kept my mind occupied over the last few days, something mainly to do with sloppiness and carelessness and inflated ego and all that, which not exactly kept me from writing, but I wasn't feeling particularly inspired.

So instead, I spent some of my free time making cheese.

F-list: *snicker* No fucking way, karelia!

Yeah, *looks sheepish* I made more feta, which is currently curing on the kitchen counter, giving off that scent that has non-cheesemakers wrinkle their nose until they try some of it. Then I made a batch of paneer, of which I used about a third for dinner. The rest is now in the freezer, waiting to be joined by another batch, and we're all good for the Indian food orgy at the next Squeefest.

I also brined a small batch of feta and marinaded the last batch with thyme or rosemary. If only I could find my bubblewrap... I guess I should go out and buy some, lol. Then I can go to the post office.

I also planted cilantro seeds and painted a cookie tin to use for growing basil and more cilantro.

[livejournal.com profile] sunnythirty3 has come up with another challenge: The word 'that' is the most overused word in fiction. Write a one-shot between 500 and 5000 words about how Snape survived Nagini's bite without that word. I have a vague idea for it, which I hope will evolve some overnight.

Oh, I've ordered new cheese cultures. Dare I have a go at making provolone? Emmenthal?
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