Feb. 8th, 2009

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Before I forget, Dallas has been postponed. Not cancelled, but postponed. We figure maybe March, but I'll post once I know more.

In more important news, last night's Truth or Dare turned out fantastic. Ten people wrote drabbles and short fics! The lovely [livejournal.com profile] organic_chemist has compiled a list of who prompted whom together with links to the various fics here.

I was prompted by Hermione Weasley (again!), but at least there was no mention of essence. Aren't I lucky? She wanted to know how the founders came up with a name for the school, so I wrote The Founders' Dilemma because, really, a simple naming with a name everyone agreed on just isn't likely, is it? ;) However, the story doesn't stop here. [livejournal.com profile] writermerrin showed a very glorious, evil side and fed a teensy, tiny plot bunny that was nabbing at my feet. It now has grown to thus far unknown dimensions. I will have to refrain from looking at the queue or beta jobs until I'm done writing it. Really, it's grown huge. Her reasoning was that there aren't enough Founders' fics around. *snrt* So, now Lucius has walked off in a huff, visiting friends (beware, writers! He does have a tendency to turn up rather unexpectedly!) while I'm claiming a need for girls' time with Rowena.

In most important news, Squeefest Memphis is approaching fast. OMG! *squeeeeeeee* I made lemon curd; it came out beautiful and very tasty. The manchego is slowly aging at ten degrees lower than it's supposed to, but that doesn't affect the taste so far. The feta is aging in the brine, and another batch of paneer is hanging over the sink.

Does anyone know if using street chalk on a public road is an offense? Or will we get away with it?


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